My Wait: A Lesson in Patience. Season of NOW…

I started writing this blog post in July 2016, and I never thought I would enter 2017 with it unpublished. I was so excited to close the book on 2016 because it topped the list as one of the most challenging years in my book of life; and at the same time I was so discouraged that I was in the same physical place in my life. In January, two significant events occurred that affected my life: President Trump signed an executive order to put a freeze on federal hiring, and I participated in the Daniel fast with my church family. I remember the day the news broke that our president signed the executive order and I remember feeling numb and wondering “Ok God…what next??” During the fast I asked God to give me clarity on the direction I should be taking in my life as far as my job, because what I was doing wasn’t working, and I felt like I was missing something.

Proverbs 19:21 reads, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” One of the many attributes I love about God is He always gives us the answers we seek, and one thing I know about me is if it’s not the answer I want to accept at the time, I will analyze it down into so many pieces, that I am able to create a completely new option that is more fitting to where my comfort level exist at the time, simply by putting the pieces back together again. The answer I received from God during the fast was one I had heard many times before: “My job is in Me.” Yes, God could open up the door at any given moment and bless me with an awesome position that would instantly catapult me to where I desired to be in my physical life, however that was not God’s plan or purpose for my life because He knew I would focus so much on moving up the corporate ladder that I would push my ministry and ultimate life purpose to the side.

In the past, I did not want to acknowledge that answer because I was so determined to find a quick fix to my situation. In my natural mind, it would be much easier to attain a job, which would give me “guaranteed income,” and I could get established, and move; rather than start my own business because that would take a huge measure of faith, and my fear of the unknown was much greater, so I dismissed that answer, and I planned to do it later…whenever that was.

Now is my time and I’m stepping out and taking this huge leap of faith to create, do, be, and live my God-given purpose everyday of my life!! God does not make any mistakes and every experience we live through is preparation for our next level in life. This is my testimony on how God is developing the fruit of patience in my life. Your testimony may involve a different area of life: relationships, marriage, healthy living, educational pursuits, family life, business development, deliverance from a specific addiction, healing, (fill in the blank )…just know that God has a great plan for your life and everything is working together for your good!

It is my sincere prayer that you understand more about the fruit of patience and see how God is developing it in your life too! Until we meet again…God’s Blessings, Love, Peace, and Joy to YOU abundantly, unconditionally, unspeakable, forever, Amen.


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