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Every Little Girls Dream

“My relationship with my father has taught me so much about myself. The most profound lesson I carry with me is this: My father is a man first, who was once a little boy with his own unresolved issues as a result of his time with his parents and life experiences, and placing an expectation on him to be the father I think he should be to me is unfair and is a setup for me to be disappointed when he doesn’t live up to my expectations, because he can’t.”

The Healing Power of Forgiveness My Solace Place, in Session with Simply Danielle

The benefits of making forgiveness a lifestyle.
  1. The Healing Power of Forgiveness
  2. Who is Simply Danielle?
  3. Every Little Girls Dream

I Need Me.

When I think about my awareness of who I am today, I am so grateful for every experience I lived thru that has helped me to heal, grow and evolve over the past ten years! At my lowest, I couldn’t say I needed me… I didn’t even know who I was. I was so busy trying to be the daughter,…

I hear you, but…

I remember the day God told me to build My Solace Place. I sat in a silence that was filled with disappointment, because it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I was on a strict comeback plan to rebuild my life and recover all that I had lost in my transition from rock bottom. I wanted to attain a few…

It Rained Today.

It rained today. There was nothing special about the rain; it was just a steady light drizzle. However, what appeared immediately after the rain passed was special. It was the presentation of the most beautiful, vibrant rainbow stretching from one end of the sky to the next. Each color presented in perfect order, as if it was sketched with the…