The Vessel


Writer. Mentor. Truthsayer. Lover of God and the universe. A woman who serves as a beacon of light; to be a living demonstration of faith, love and joy in the world. In 2012, Danielle established My Solace Place, Inc, a nonprofit organization that serves the purpose of bringing edification to the lives of women and adolescent girls, through inspirational and instructional advice. Danielle is a student in the school of life who teaches wholeness through light, love, peace and joy. She serves to encourage, inspire, and uplift women and adolescent girls, along their journey to healing and building a positive self-image, as they learn about and own their life purpose. Danielle provides life applicable tools in her teachings that lay a foundation each woman and girl can build upon now, and use for the rest of their lives. She is passionate about living and leading a healthy lifestyle, and has worked in the beauty industry as a licensed esthetician and esthetician instructor for over five years. Danielle has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services Management and has great plans to use her knowledge, skills and abilities to be of service to the women and adolescent girls of her community. Danielle is also a blogger who publishes monthly posts about her life experiences to inspire others to heal, walk in their divine life purpose and thrive! She strives to have a positive impact in the lives of the women and young girls in her community and even around the world, through her mentorship programs, workshops and writing. Danielle currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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