My Healing

100% wellness is your natural state of being. How you process your physical experiences is directly connected to your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels of health within your natural body. Without a healthy outlet to release the baggage and perceived negative experiences that you encounter in life, you internalize the traumatic pieces. Each piece lingers within you forming an emotional blockage within your spirit, mind and soul. When the proper care and intention to heal is not taken, emotional blockages cause the energy centers in your body to become unbalanced, which affects your connection with self, your spiritual connection with the divine and the world around you. Over time these imbalances adversely affect your physical health, and begin to cause dis-ease in your body, and create unhealthy attractions in your life. Increased awareness is the key to keeping your energy, the vital life force within your body, alive, vibrant and well!

I Need a Session!

This is a single session option for the one who needs a follow-up from previously completed sessions or for the one who needs spiritual guidance, edification, inspiration and/or a listening ear. Session maximum: 2 hours.

Word of Knowledge

“To one person the Spirit gives the ability to give wise advice; to another the same Spirit gives a message of special knowledge.”
A word of knowledge is a message directly from the mouth of the uncreated God, giving insight and/or direction into your present, and for that which is to come in your life. Hear what God has to say to you! Available in written or verbal format.

Mentor Me!

Before your conception, God imbued your spirit with everything you need to prosper, be in good health and thrive from a place of abundance in every aspect of your life. Along your life’s journey, you have endured experiences that you processed as traumatic, causing you to separate from your true self, in an effort to protect yourself from ever being hurt again. As a mentor, I design a personalized series of sessions, rooted in the foundation of self-love, that support you in fulfilling your personal goals for seeking mentorship. My role in your healing journey is to provide spiritual guidance, and lay a foundation that supports you in healing the whole you- spirit, mind, soul and body. During each session I will give you life applicable tools that will empower you to:

  • Know who you are on a deeper level
  • heal the foundation of unconditional love within your relationship with yourself
  • Forgive
  • Increase your awareness
  • Live your best life in the fullness of whom you were created to be in the earth!

You will also begin to understand how your life experiences have affected you, and your awareness will increase as to how you  are currently living thru them within nonproductive patterns and unhealthy cycles. The tools I share with you are divine in nature, and ones that you can apply to your life from Day 1, and use throughout the remainder of your life’s journey, for your highest good as you take intentional steps to becoming the best version of YOU! These sessions are reserved in sets of 4; with 4 being the minimum and 24 being the maximum number of sessions you can reserve at one time. 

i Am Woman.

These sessions are a continuation of i Am Woman focus group and you’ll do the work to:

  • identify and release emotional blockages
  • heal the foundation of unconditional love within your vital relationships
  • continue the work you started within forgiveness
  • understand your attractions
  • heal the mother wound
  • know who you are
  • understand the role fulfillment holds in aligning with your true self
  • embrace your divine power

As you continue the work you started in the group sessions, your awareness will continue to increase as to your “why” for existence, and you’ll understand on a deeper level how your perception of who you know yourself to be today, and in some cases don’t know, was formed. You’ll also do the work to align with your true self as you take intentional steps to embrace your divine power, while releasing nonproductive thoughts patterns, unhealthy cycles, and remembering your life purpose. Upon successful completion of this set of sessions, you’ll be on the pathway to owning who you were created to be prior to your conception. This set contains a total of 8 sessions.

Finding Me.

These sessions are beneficial to the one who can admit “I am not ok” due to a traumatic loss you have suffered, and the circumstances within your daily life. For the one who feels you have lost yourself in simply surviving life, and you want to understand who you truly are, to get your power back, as you start to uncover your “why” for existence. For the one who has reached a space in your life where you are seeking change to find your peace and “happy place,” and you feel as though you’re on an emotional rollercoaster most days, and/or you’re stuck at a crossroads in your life. For the one who feels overwhelmed by anxiety, insecurity, self-doubt, and the demands of your daily life. For the one who is on a constant quest for fulfillment, and you need guidance in defining what exactly that means for you, as well as, with the steps to take to successfully achieve it. For the one who is struggling to move forward in your life, because you feel unsupported, and the fear of the unknown is traumatizing you… these sessions are specifically designed for you! The sessions, their accompanying session exercises, and the work you will do are designed to lay a foundation that will guide and support you in:

  • rediscovering your sense of self
  • understanding your emotions
  • opening your voice to speak your truth
  • taking accountability for your life’s decisions
  • embracing your experiences
  • grieving your past and that which has been lost
  • increasing your awareness about love and the vital role it holds in your healthy existence in the earth
  • healing the foundation of your most vital relationship(s)
  • relinquishing the fear of the unknown
  • forgiving your past
  • increasing your self-esteem
  • honing your joy
  • identifying unhealthy patterns and nonproductive cycles in your life
  • maintaining your peace from within
  • increasing your awareness concerning the thoughts that occupy your mind
  • having clarity to be able to make sure decisions and in moving forward with confidence
  • thriving in the present

Upon successful completion of these sessions, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how your perception of your life’s experiences has shaped your self-image and affected how you process your emotions. You’ll also have the necessary life tools to own the total essence of who you are, and be well, as you begin to thrive in every aspect of your life, thru the daily renewal of your mind. I mentor from a place of light, love and truth and will support you as much as you desire to be supported during your sessions. This set contains a total of 12 sessions.

Chakra Cleanse & Balance chakra

The term chakra literally translates to wheel or disk. It is a Sanskrit term that means “spinning wheels of energy” within the center of the human body. Each chakra corresponds to a group of major organs within your body. There are 7 main chakras. Some correspond to your mental perceptions of the physical world, while others connect your spirit to the activities you experience in the physical world. It is essential to your health-spirit, mind, soul and body that your chakras are balanced, fluid and open to not only lead a balanced life and be well, but thrive!

During each session, we’ll focus on one chakra, its life-giving properties, cleanse it of any stagnant energies causing blockages that are preventing its healthy function, and balance the chakra. I will also guide you in doing the work to use each chakra’s natural  touchstones to nurture its healing and maintain a healthy balance. Upon completion of this set of sessions, you’ll have the life tools to maintain balance within your 7 main chakras and wellness within your being. This set contains a total of 8 sessions.


These sessions are designed for the one who is seeking to understand his/her sexuality, and desires balance in every aspect of your life as a result of an identity loss. During each session, I will guide you thru intentional healing exercises that support you in understanding the experiences you have lived thru, your current attractions, as well as your life cycles and patterns. As you progress thru each session, you will have a greater sense of self, the vital role unconditional love holds in fulfillment, an understanding of your life’s journey thus far and more clarity concerning your thought patterns. Your perspective will align with clear focus, giving you a renewed divine power to move forward in life with purposeful vision simply by being your true self and embodying integrity. This set contains a total of 12 sessions.

Soul of a Man

These sessions are designed to take you on a journey thru your life, from your time as a little boy, up to where you are presently. The sessions provide an intense focus on increasing your awareness of how your experiences have shaped your life, and your perception of who you are, in relation to each of your vital relationships, as well as your role in the world around you.

Each session builds upon the next, and gives you vital insight into your soul wounds, emotional blockages, thought patterns, addictions, imbalances within the various aspects of your life, nonproductive patterns and cycles of (self) abuse. You will do the healing work to uproot emotional blockages that have formed as a result of the traumatic and painful experiences- sexual, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical, you have survived. You will also work thru your thought patterns to understand your addictions, places of discontentment, losses, attractions, what is currently serving you, and what has been stripped away from you, to be open to embrace the whole you- spirit, mind, soul and body, as you align with your true self.

The Soul of a Man sessions guide you thru the process of releasing all ego attachments that are fueling and perpetuating the cycle of generational curses in your blood line, to empower you to make transformational changes, as you begin to thrive in the fullness of being the divine man you were created to be from your mother’s womb.

Upon successful completion of these sessions, you will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of your life’s journey
  • Be able to hear the voice of your inner child
  • Understand your emotions and reactions
  • Turn addictions into appreciations
  • Understand and accept your true self
  • Own your place in the world by way of your life’s purpose
  • Have an understanding of the role fulfillment holds in your complete wholeness
  • Embrace the role of unconditional love within your deepest desires and decisions concerning your life
  • Be aware of how your attractions are changing to 100% abundance in every area of your life
  • Have the healing tools to move forward in your life, from a place of inner peace, power, self-love and gratitude

These sessions are not designed to teach you how to be a man. However, they are designed to increase your awareness about your life’s journey, empowering you to own who you are as man within every relationship you have, including the most important relationship you will ever have- your relationship with self, and within the world around you. By consistently using the life tools you receive during each session, you’ll begin to thrive in the fullness of your true self completely! This set contains a total of 12 sessions.

Soul Searcher

These sessions focus on discovering the root causes of how you lost yourself in the process of living, why you stopped living and are now functioning in survival mode. During each session, you will work to purify your heart, receive clarity, heal traumatic emotions and free your soul from what has not been serving you. During each session, you will be given life applicable tools that allow you to:

  • See yourself as God sees you
  • Increase your awareness of self and the world around you
  • Build your faith and Increase self-confidence
  • Step into your divine power enabling you to positively affirm your life

The goal of these sessions is for your joy to be reignited, as you enjoy a deeper level of peace within, thrive from a place of unconditional love and abundance, and live your best life! You will have an increased awareness of what’s next for you along your life’s journey, as you align more and more with your true self, step into your divine power, take intentional steps toward living your life’s purpose and fulfilling your destiny. It is God’s desire that you prosper and be in good health, in every area of your life, even as your soul prospers. This set contains a total of 12 sessions.

Inner Work Intensive

These sessions are an intense focus on identifying, confronting, uprooting and releasing the emotional blockages that have developed within you from your childhood up to this present moment in time as a result of the experiences you have processed as traumatic. Those experiences caused you to separate from your true self, and altered your perception of God’s perfect will for your life, causing you to live in non-productive cycles verses thriving from a place of abundance. These sessions focus on healing your inner child, uprooting emotional blockages and identifying and reversing unhealthy life cycles and patterns. As you heal, you begin the process of shedding off any and all vibrations you are currently living thru, that are preventing you from aligning with and embracing your true self. As you do the work for each session, and use the tools you receive to heal and thrive from a place of divine light and power, your awareness concerning all things pertaining to you will increase. You will also experience a deeper level of peace, give and receive unconditional love and have a new appreciation for your life’s journey so far, and for that which is to come! This set contains a total of 12 sessions.

The Healing Circle

This set of sessions is for a group of 4 – 8 women or men. These sessions are an intense focus, within a group setting, that lay a foundation for you to heal the whole you- spirit, mind, soul, and body.  During these sessions you will start the work to:

  • Forgive your past
  • Heal your spirit
  • Renew your mind
  • Forgive yourself and affirm the total essence of your being
  • Get to know yourself on a deeper level
  • Understand your attractions
  • Take intentional steps to nurture the foundation of self love within your relationship with self

The men or women within your healing circle should be those you know well, as the sessions will guide you to go within your inner most self to heal from the pain of your past and to understand how you have processed your deepest traumas. Upon completion of these sessions, you will have the life tools needed to continue your healing journey to purpose, giving you the ability to thrive in every aspect of your life. This set contains a total of 4 sessions.

The Soul Tie

The foundation of every relationship is unconditional love. When the foundation is broken, fear enters, giving room for conflict to arise, and nonproductive cycles created from the pain of your past to be present. These sessions are designed to help you heal your relationship with someone you have a soul tie with, whether it be your significant other, husband/wife, (former) friend or a mother/child, these sessions help you to heal and understand:

  • The basis of your connection
  • Your attraction to one another
  • The nonproductive patterns and unhealthy cycles creating conflict in your relationship
  • The importance of self-love within your role in the relationship
  • How your unhealed past traumas affect your present
  • Effective Conflict Resolution
  • How to live in harmony by nurturing a foundation of unconditional love within the relationship

The design of this set of sessions allows for each part of the soul tie to have 1-on-1 sessions with Danielle, and then come together for joint sessions. By the end of the sessions, you will have the life tools needed to thrive in any relationship. This set contains a total of 8 sessions.

The Essence of my True Self

Hitting rock bottom was the catalyst to you fully answering your soul’s cry to heal. The mentoring sessions you have completed so far have guided you thru the heart of your most intense healing work. Your awareness has increased exponentially, providing valuable insight as to how you have processed the traumatic experiences you have lived thru. You have grown to understand yourself on a deeper level, your connection to others and the world around you.

What has been lingering underneath the surface of your life, is what affects every aspect of your life. To support you in reaching your goals for continuing your healing journey thru mentorship, you’ll do shadow work, inner child work, and mirror exercises to uncover what you’ve normalized, buried, neglected, and feared. These sessions will help you gain a deeper understanding of your true essence, nurture the foundation of unconditional love within your vital relationships, as you take intentional steps to align with your true self and make self-love a lifestyle.

You will move from a space of simply existing and surviving your past, to thriving in the fullness of abundance, love, joy, peace, and a renewed focus in the present as you begin to take intentional steps in living your divine purpose. This set contains a total of 12 sessions.

Inner Work Intensive: Restoration

If you’ve noticed that you started going back to the people, relationships, things, thoughts and places that you made a conscious decision to do the work to heal from the pain and trauma they caused you, or you feel as though you are regressing in all the healing work you have done so far and you don’t quite know why, and/or you’ve been feeling like there is more healing work for you to do, these sessions are for you!

These sessions provide an intense focus on healing your deepest soul wounds, particularly those you chose not to heal during your previous sessions.You will do the work to restore the wounded parts of your spirit, mind, and soul to 100% wholeness, that will benefit the health of your physical body. The session exercises are designed to increase your awareness about the various aspects of your life that you have yet to embrace, and to clear any blocks that have prevented you from moving forward in life. As you progress thru each session, you will gain an:

  • Increased awareness of your experiences in conjunction with the phases of your life
  • Appreciation for setting healthy boundaries and learn how to honor them
  • Understanding of your “why” as you begin to remember your life’s purpose
  • Opening of your voice and embrace of the ability to feel
  • Alignment with your true self and 100% abundance

Upon successful completion of these sessions, you will have the necessary life tools to thrive in a life of peace, unconditional love, prosperity, purpose and within healthy relationships- with the most important relationship being the one you have with yourself, as you affirm and own the fullness of whom you are unapologetically and on purpose! You’ll also begin to notice that your attractions are changing to 100% abundance in every aspect of your life and your entire life is aligning with your divine purpose. This set contains a total of 8 sessions.

Faith, Power & Purpose!

A 3-day workshop that focuses on:

Forgiveness on a heart level and making it a lifestyle versus a once in a while practice

Stepping into your divine power from a place of pure consciousness through the awareness and ownership of whom God created you to be in the earth

Remembering your life purpose so that you can live it intentionally, and fulfill your destiny through the use of your natural-born abilities, skills and talents in conjunction with your acquired knowledge to be of service to yourself and others, for the highest good of humanity.

During this workshop you will also receive life empowering tools that will assist you in aligning with your higher self, enabling you to be in complete alignment with God’s perfect will for your life! Each participant will receive a work book to compliment the workshop sessions.

Speaking Engagements

As a truthsayer, I encourage, inspire and uplift you as I minister an authentic message that invokes healing, edification and the light of the truth from the word of God.

Q & A

Do you use any spiritual tools to conduct your sessions?

I do not use tools. I strictly work with the angels of divine light, and use my authentic spiritual gifts to mentor and minister.

Do you charge for My Healing sessions?

Yes. Your healing is a journey. It is personal, and requires a dedicated investment in yourself, your time, intentional work and a commitment to the process. Each mentee will receive a personalized workbook as a compliment to his/her mentorship sessions.

Why don’t you have the investment amount listed?

Mentorship is not a one price fits all modality. Each mentorship session is unique to the individual and designed to specifically assist you in meeting your healing needs and personal goals along your journey to complete wholeness.

Do you offer refunds?

No. I will give you work to complete in support of your healing, and for the fulfillment of your mentorship goals. I cannot do the work for you. As a result, I will not offer or supply a refund of your financial investment for the lack of fulfillment of your service and/or personal goals due to your lack of dedication to your healing process.

Do you only coach & mentor women and adolescent girls?

No. I mentor men, adolescent boys and couples as well. My ministry speaks to the heart of women, and my message of the unconditional love of God is for everyone-man, woman, boy and girl who is willing to listen and receive.

The tools I give to you during the mentoring process are not gender biased. They work on the spirit and soul of the individual, giving optimum results to everyone who uses them for the divine purpose they were created to fulfill.

What can I look forward to my return on investment being for My Healing?

You can look forward to a renewed sense of self, tools to assist you in aligning with God’s perfect will for your life and increased awareness of your why for existence.

As long as you are honest with yourself, surrender to the process, do the healing work and attend every session promptly in its entirety you will accomplish your goals.

What qualifies you to be a Life Coach & Mentor?

I am a Master Mindset Life Coach who specializes in Emotional Intelligence, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Confidence. Our thoughts shape our reality and guide our actions, and it’s thru the renewal of our mind, that our lives are transformed.

I am a guiding light for others, and it took me unlearning what I was taught to be more enlightened with myself, and my journey to being a healer. God has gifted me with the capacity to help remove illusions from others’ lives. I am a truthsayer. I have a gift of being clear and concise with others; pointing out their hurt and ways of growth to help them awaken from the darkness of their slumber to the light of unconditional love.

As a healer, I speak candidly from a place of joy and purity. I reveal hidden secrets that people do not want to confront. I bring death to life. I have the gift to break through the numbness and blindness in one’s life through my art and speech. I break through suppression and enter your true spirit. I am able to do this because I have done the same for myself with the help of God.

Now that I am actively living my purpose, I realize God has been preparing me for you all my life!

How do I reserve a set of sessions to begin My Healing?

Please click on the session name above that best suits your needs and goals for seeking healing and you will be directed to the reservation request form. Fill out the form in its entirety, submit it and I will contact you for your next steps. I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you along your healing journey!

Do you ever offer promo codes for $$$ off the investment amount for your sessions?

Yes, I feature a healing session each month and as a way of sowing into your life, I often offer promo codes to receive $$$ off your total investment amount. Follow me on social media @mysolaceplace, to be informed of any current promotions.

Healing, Light & Love to you Abundantly💚

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