It Rained Today.

It rained today. There was nothing special about the rain; it was just a steady light drizzle. However, what appeared immediately after the rain passed was special. It was the presentation of the most beautiful, vibrant rainbow stretching from one end of the sky to the next. Each color presented in perfect order, as if it was sketched with the precision of a skilled artist. As I gazed at the rainbow, I was drawn into its symbolism, and reminded of the story of Noah and the ark and I began to think about my life…

As the parable goes…God was very displeased with the wickedness of man and it grieved His heart greatly. He decided to flood the earth to wipe it clean from its evildoers. However, there was one righteous man who found favor with God, Noah. God decided to spare the lives of Noah and his family. He instructed Noah to build a huge boat- an ark. God gave Noah very specific instructions for the ark, from what kind of wood to use to build it, its dimensions, and who and what to bring on the ark once it was complete.

The crazy thing about God instructing Noah to build this massive vessel was that it had not rained in many years, so building an ark required a lot of faith on Noah’s part. Noah was faithful, and worked diligently each day until the ark was complete. It was time for Noah, his family and the animals to enter the ark. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights, and every living thing on the surface of the ground was wiped away, leaving only Noah, his family, and the animals in the ark as the sole survivors. When the rain stopped, Noah sent out a dove to survey the condition of the earth. After sending the same dove out a second time and it did not return, Noah knew the earth was dry.

God called Noah, his family and all of the animals out of the ark, and He made a promise never to curse the ground or flood the earth again. God blessed them and put a rainbow in the sky as a symbol of his covenant with man.

I felt every emotion of that parable while gazing at that rainbow, because it reminded me of my own “40-day and 40 night journey.”

I remember the day God revealed to me the purpose behind all my pain. I accepted it, but I also wondered why me? I didn’t want to be the face of any ministry, even if it was my own, and I definitely didn’t want to share the details of my painful past with others. I feared everything attached to my purpose! I feared being recognized. I feared being judged. I feared being wrong. I feared losing my freedom. I feared being separated from the woman I knew myself to be… so I ran. I tried to do everything BUT what God told me to do. All I wanted was to be free, at peace, loved, well and prosperous, but I didn’t see how that would happen “doing a healing ministry,” and living my purpose as mentor.

The problem was I was looking from my scope of experience, instead of thru the lens of faith.

The great thing about God is He doesn’t force us to do anything, because He has given us all a free will, and He also won’t allow any of our desires outside of His perfect will for our lives to manifest if they don’t meet our highest good in life. When NOTHING seemed to be going as I had hoped, I stopped running and I made a conscious decision to surrender to God’s perfect plan and purpose for my life. Many days I tried to hide behind my fears, and I used them as an excuse as to why I couldn’t live my purpose. I stopped explaining myself and giving attention to everyone’s opinion of my life, and I let them wonder. I used affirmations to embody the love God has for me until that same unconditional love turned into self-love. My focus shifted from worrying about what others thought about the decisions I was making concerning my life, to learning more about who God created me to be, and fulfilling my purpose and destiny in the earth. I thrived off of the understanding God has a great plan for my life and that alone empowered me to follow His guidance in building my ministry. I also began to see how the foundation of self-love was healing to my soul, and it allowed me to see myself as God saw me…as enough!

I redirected the energy I was giving to fear and the opinions of others concerning the business of my life to focus on my purpose. I stepped out on faith and I began using what God gave me before my conception- the fruit of the spirit, my spiritual gifts and the wisdom I gained from each and every experience I lived thru to flow in my lane and live my purpose.

I see myself, and so much of this part of my life’s journey in this parable. I think about how Noah worked day and night to build the ark according to the specific instructions God gave him, and how he was talked about and mocked by onlookers. As I work daily out of obedience to God, to build and lay a firm foundation for My Solace Place, Inc., by writing curriculums and workbooks for my mentorships, I think about the derogatory things “people” have said to me, spoken and unspoken, concerning my decision to answer the call and live my purpose, because my life does not mirror the status quo or fit the mold of a 9 – 5.

I think about how it must have felt to be on that boat with his family and all those animals, confined only within the dimensions of space the ark contained, with the lack of freedom to come and go as they pleased, as they had prior to entering the ark. I see my life in that part too and understand how God will place you in a safe space of shelter to protect you from getting wiped out completely, to allow you to heal, grow and evolve. Every day is not comfortable! I have cried myself thru so many days, and have learned in the process, that tears are prayers that God sees, hears and answers too! The uncomfortable space lasts only for a season and there are always great blessings given to us when that season ends, even if those blessings are only intangible!

I think about how the atmosphere of the ark must have smelled, and at times how uncomfortable the journey must have been for them, even though they had everything they needed to survive. I think about how, after a specified amount of time, and what seemed as suddenly, the floods stopped and the water dried up. From that, I am reminded that it’s during our alone season that God shows us the importance of trusting him to lead and guide us. I no longer feel the need to share my every move with others for their approval and validation. Instead, I simply work in silence and allow my gifts to make room for me. God has created a lane for us all to occupy individually, as we flow in our spiritual gifts with the uniqueness He has given us to do it with. I’m also learning to allow patience to have her perfect work, because I know when the time is right, God will make my heart’s desires happen for me suddenly!

God rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Living my purpose has caused me to thrive in so many ways! I am at peace in knowing my life is in alignment with my divine purpose, and that God trusts me to encourage, inspire and uplift a nation of wo(men) to heal, walk in their divine power and thrive in their purpose! It brings me so much joy, and I am humbled each time God allows me to witness the fruit of my work thru the testimonies of healing my mentees share with me…to God be all the Glory!

There have been many days that it rained, and right after the rain passed I saw a beautiful rainbow that made my heart smile, because it reminded me of God’s promises to protect me and be my provision. I thought about Noah and his family on the ark with all those animals in the midst of the storms that flooded the earth. God gave Noah favor, and as a result his family and the land was blessed, but He also had to endure so much to enjoy those promises.

Every day is not easy, and I have my moments when I get discouraged, and ask God why this or when will that happen, and I’m always reminded thru a confirmation, and some times a few confirmations, that affirm I am on the right track, and all things are working together for my good, regardless of what it looks, smells or feels like!

I encourage you never to give up on yourself or your purpose, and remember God loves you very much, and He also loves you unconditionally and He’s with you always! I pray my post blesses and inspires you to keep building as you hold on to the promises of God for your life!

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Blessings, light and love to you always

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