i Am Woman

i Am Woman is a faith-based mentorship group that caters to the whole woman- spirit, mind, soul, and body. Rooted in healing, edification, and inspiration, each session is designed to lay a foundation that supports you in healing to 100% wholeness, as you align with your true self, and do the work to heal from your past traumas, identify nonproductive cycles, unhealthy patterns, and increase your awareness about your life’s experiences, relationships, and your role in the world around you.

Built on a foundation of unwavering faith, divine power & purpose, and void of religion, we’ll delve into what it means to be woman and examine the heart of the challenges you face daily. You’ll discover how to unlock the spiritual keys that were given to you before your conception, and when used consistently, will assist you in shifting from living life day-to-day in a monotonous cycle, to thriving in the fullness of abundance in every aspect of your life!

Each session is designed with you in mind, to encourage, inspire, and uplift you, as you do the work to heal your inner little girl, forgive your past, as well as yourself; empowering you to walk in your divine power, and own the total essence of whom God created you to be in the earth, unapologetically and on purpose! Upon successful completion of the sessions, you will have a greater understanding of how the traumas of your past have shaped your perception of who you know yourself to be, as you begin the process of embracing and aligning with true self.

All sessions are interactive, and each mentee will receive a personalized workbook as a compliment to each session. During each session you’ll receive life-applicable tools you can use from day 1 of the mentorship, and throughout the duration of your life’s journey to heal, grow, and evolve. There are 2 options for i Am Woman: In Session with Simply Danielle: a focus group for women & i Am Woman Mentorship Group.

In Session with Simply Danielle:

a focus group for women.

This group serves the woman who desires to begin her healing journey in an atmosphere of sisterhood and provides an intense focus on healing the whole you- spirit, mind, soul, and body. From Day 1, the content of the sessions will lay a foundation you can build upon for the remainder of your life’s journey, to heal, grow, align, evolve, and thrive in life while living your divine purpose!

The design of the group supports healthy interaction thru guided session exercises, topics of relevant discussion, and the sharing of perspectives. The focus of the sessions, weekly challenges, and healing work makes room for each mentee to heal collectively and embrace your true self individually.

Each mentee will:

  • Have a safe space to heal within a group setting in at atmosphere of unconditional love
  • Set goals you will work towards successfully fulfilling
  • Be guided and supported thru each part of the mentorship journey
  • Do the necessary work to begin healing past traumas and understand your nonproductive cycles, unhealthy patterns, and attractions
  • Do the work to know who you are and your purpose for existence
  • Be able to affirm your life and the greatness within you
  • Have an increased awareness of your total essence and a renewed sense of self
  • Receive a personalized workbook as a compliment to each session

The focus group will meet online for a total of 4 sessions on Thursday evenings. Sessions are scheduled to begin in April, and  every other month throughout 2023! The investment amount for your sessions, workbook, session supplies, and miscellaneous costs (such as printing, postage, and shipping materials) is $500. As an introductory offer, the total investment amount, only for the April cycle, is $400! To reserve your space, please click this link.


What have some of your past and present mentees had to say about their experience in your mentorship?

Age group: 46 – 59 years

Session name: Faith, Power & Purpose

Sessions completed: 12

My goal for seeking mentorship: heal my spirit from emotional pain

What I enjoyed most about my sessions was the revelations I received concerning the questions I had about my emotional pain. The most uncomfortable parts of my sessions/work was talking about the people who hurt me. My mentoring sessions have empowered me to continue on my healing journey by addressing my emotional pain instead of trying to hide it.  ~ Lisa, Louisiana

Age group: 22 – 30 years

Session name: Mentor Me!

Sessions completed: 20

My goal for seeking mentorship: soul healing

What I enjoyed most about my sessions was I was free to be myself without feeling judged. I learned more about myself and how to better take care of myself holistically, and it felt like I was talking to a friend I knew my entire life. The most uncomfortable part of my mentoring journey was forgiving people who wronged me in a way that seemed unforgivable. My expectations for my mentoring sessions were met. They were exceeded! I found myself and learned how to be her boldly. My mentoring sessions have empowered me to continue on my healing journey by teaching me how to release the heaviness of life and peacefully enjoy life without picking up unnecessary burdens.  Submitted Anonymously

Age group: 31 – 45 years

Session name: Inner Work Intensive

Sessions completed: 8

My goal for seeking mentorship: get to know myself on a deeper level

What I enjoyed most about my sessions was having someone to confirm things that I already knew and affirm me each week as I peeled back the layers, really helped me to face some difficult truths. Also, her personality was easygoing which made things flow very easily and made me feel safe enough to be vulnerable. I didn’t think any parts of my mentoring journey were uncomfortable. My expectations for my mentoring sessions were met, because it helped me to dig deeper into why I do what I do and what was holding me back, and knowing that really helped me to make decisions as to what I needed to do to be better. I’m not sure how to put into words how my mentoring sessions have empowered me.  ~ Submitted Anonymously

Age group: 31 – 45 years

Session name: Mentor Me!

Sessions completed: 8

My goal for seeking mentorship: get to know myself on a deeper level

Starting off I didn’t know what to expect but once I started I felt lighter after each session. It has made me aware of how I don’t know myself. I was lost in making other people happy. I am a work in progress. I am so thankful for my mentor. The most uncomfortable part(s) of my mentoring journey was trying to figure out how I attracted the relationships with the different people in my life. My expectations for my mentoring sessions were met. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect but the things I got from it was well worth it. Looking forward to my next set of sessions. This journey has given me tools and brought to light things I didn’t really pay attention to. A real eye opener for me.  ~ Tashawnda, Michigan

Age group: 46 – 59 years

Session name: Inner Work Intensive

Sessions completed: 12

My goal for seeking mentorship: to be at peace with myself

What I enjoyed most about my sessions was that they stretched me to verbalize things in a safe and caring environment. I never felt patronized, only cared for. The most uncomfortable part(s) of my mentoring journey was uncovering recent hurts and past hurts. My expectations for my mentoring sessions were far exceeded. My sessions have empowered me to continue on my healing journey by not having the extra weight of the burdens of the past literally makes it easier to function. That peace that comes inspires me to stay the course. Danielle is very patient and tentative. She picks up on every emotion and cares genuinely about the individual.  ~ Alice, North Carolina

Age group: 31 – 45 years

Session name: Soul Searcher

Sessions completed: 12

My goal for seeking mentorship: find my vision and purpose in life

I enjoyed each session with Danielle she took her time and was patience with me. I felt comfortable with each session I never felt as if I was on a timer. She ensured that I understood each work assignment before the session ended. She was available if I had any additional questions. When I wanted to give up, she reminded why I started. She encouraged and cheered me along the way. During my mentoring journey I felt uncomfortable with dealing with my past or just me at times. Areas where I wasn’t comfortable, she never picked, pried in my past or judged me. She did help me recognize the areas from my past where I needed healing and growth in my life. She helped me view my past as an experience, and just that “an experience”. My expectations for my mentoring sessions exceeded my expectations. At first, I was a little overwhelmed with the work. I had to dig deep within myself to complete each assignment. It wasn’t just about talking and setting goals. It was about learning myself again, learning to listen, and living a fulfilling life. My mentoring session have empowered me to continue my healing journey by speaking positive things into life and others. Now that I am aware of the negative cycle from my past I can prevent myself from going through them again. I have a workbook and notes with many tools I can use throughout my life for healing, forgiving, and maturing. Most of all I understand that my healing journey is a process and it takes time to heal. During my healing process I can still enjoy life. I just don’t think 12 weeks was enough time. I’ve learned so much and I just want more so I plan to do another set of sessions soon.   ~ LaShandia, Michigan

i Am Woman Mentorship Group

Sessions begin January 2024!

Mentorship Q & A

Who does i Am Woman mentorship group serve?

Every woman! Whether you are seeking healing, balance, understanding and/or direction for your life this mentorship is for you.

I have seen a therapist in the past. What is the difference between therapy and enrolling in i Am Woman mentorship group? 

It’s a known fact that one of the major needs of a human being is the need to be heard. Therapists, psychologists and psychiatrist focus on listening to you.  In their respective genres of practice, they have the ability to diagnose your “problems,” help you set healthy boundaries and support you in setting goals to move forward in life.

i Am Woman mentorship group focuses on laying a foundation that empowers you to heal the whole you-spirit, mind, soul and body, as you are guided and supported in reaching your goals for seeking mentorship. All session exercises and work focuses on helping you get to the roots of your emotional pain, nonproductive life cycles and unhealthy patterns, by giving you life-applicable tools that will empower you to heal your heart; which helps you embrace and align with your true self, as you learn to love you unconditionally. Your attractions begin to change, and mirror 100% abundance in every area of your life. By the renewing of your mind, you’ll use the life affirming tools you receive to live a prosperous life as you thrive in the fullness of your divine purpose.

What does “Faith-based” mean for your mentorship?

Our foundational values acknowledge there is a higher power- the uncreated God, who is the creator of the universe. In order to have faith in oneself, you have to know who you are, and you learn who you are through a spiritual relationship with God. Although the curriculum is faith-based, no religion is incorporated in the sessions or workbook. Women of all ages, from various backgrounds, creeds, races, ethnicities, occupations and religions are welcomed in love.

What ages does your mentorship serve?

Women ages 18+

How many sessions are there and how long is each session?

There are a total of 12 sessions, which will meet once a week. Each session is a minimum of 1 hour to an hour and a half, and a maximum of 2 hours.

How will the sessions be facilitated?

All sessions will be facilitated online, making it accessible to woman all over the world.

What is the maximum group size? Why?

Each mentorship group allots a maximum of 10 women to maintain optimum participant outcome and success. A mentorship is designed to be a small group, providing an intimate setting, in a supportive atmosphere where the mentee is able to develop a positive self-image, healthy relationships and embrace the total essence of herself.

What should I expect as a woman in your mentorship group?

  • To be encouraged, inspired and uplifted during each session
  • Learn more about yourself on a deeper level from the whole you perspective
  • Engage in interactive sessions that include hands-on exercises that foster healing, self-love and an increase in awareness about your life as a whole
  • Renewal of your mind
  • Impartation of wisdom, knowledge and understanding in the form of practical life skills you can apply to your life now, and use throughout the duration of your life journey
  • To be challenged so that you can stretch and grow, as well as, understand that you have to do the work in order to receive the maximum benefit of the sessions and this part of your healing journey

Upon successful completion of the mentorship sessions, each woman will have the life-applicable tools to:

  • Forgive on a heart level, as well as make forgiveness a lifestyle
  • Love herself on a deeper level
  • Own the total essence of who she was created to be with confidence
  • Increased level of a positive, healthy self-esteem
  • Walk in her divine power to be, create and thrive in her truth unapologetically
  • Take intentional steps toward living her divine purpose and fulfilling her destiny during her lifetime

Why do you host a women’s mentorship group?

While going through many transitions during one of the lowest points in my life, I began my healing journey. I surrendered to the will of God for my life. As I began to actively walk in my purpose, I became more and more aware of my divine spiritual gifts and started using them to mentor women who are currently in the same “place” I was in, to heal from the pain of her past, walk in their divine power and take intentional steps to fulfilling their life purpose and destiny.

I count it a true honor and privilege that part of my life purpose is to impart life principles of faith, power and purpose into the lives of women in my community and even around world! When a woman is made aware of the benefits of the power of forgiveness, she is well on her way to becoming whole-spirit, mind, soul and body. As she continues applying the powerful life principles she is given during the mentorship, she will have everything needed to lead and live a prosperous life. Each woman will receive the tools she needs to confidently walk in the integrity and power of whom she was created to be, and do anything she can dream with the faith to know she absolutely can and will!

What does it cost to enroll in i Am Woman mentorship group?

The total investment per mentee is $ . Your investment includes the 12 sessions, your workbook and session supplies.

Do you ever offer promo codes to save on the investment amount?

Yes, I do offer promo codes from time to time as a way of giving back and sowing into your life. Be sure to follow me on social media for current promos. A valid promo code must be included on your enrollment form, in addition to all conditions being met for the promo to be applied to your investment amount.

When will you host the group sessions in 2024? 

There will be a total of 2 cycles for the mentorship group enrolling as follows:

Cycle 1: January – April

Cycle 2: September – December

How can I learn more about i Am Woman Mentorship group?

I host online events to give you an inside look into the mentorship group. Be sure to follow me on social media for updates on upcoming events!

I am ready to enroll! What do I need to do next?

Please click this link. Complete the form in its entirety and click submit. Please be sure to provide accurate contact information on your form so that you can be contacted in a timely manner and complete the enrollment process.

I’m not sure if a group setting is best for me. Do you offer 1-on-1 mentoring sessions

Yes! Please view the My Healing page and contact me for further details.

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