Ode to 2 0 1 7

Dear 2017,

You came in like a breath of fresh air and ignited a passion in me to discover my true self. You made me realize I had tried it my way long enough, and now was the time for me to surrender to my life’s purpose through my faith in God. You showed me just how much power I have as God’s vessel to inspire, love and minister to a nation (of women) to help heal their core, progress toward stepping into their power and live their purpose authentically, by owning the whole of who they are-spirit, mind, soul and body, simply by allowing my divine light to shine bright.

You showed me just how much God absolutely loves me, and taught me what it really means to live by faith through surrender. I am thankful for all the lessons you taught me, but especially for the following:

  • Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. God hears everything!
  • There is a distinct difference between being in alignment and surrendering but both are necessary to have a peaceful balance in your life.
  • God will tell you exactly what to do in every situation if you just listen, and you don’t have to worry about the “how.”
  • Being present has absolutely nothing to do with the inability to plan for tomorrow, but everything to do with the ability to live today to the fullest and as if it’s your last.
  • Every lesson in life is not always positive and presented in a well-packaged curriculum, man or woman. Some are ugly and cause you pain but through the pain comes substantial growth.
  • True love in unconditional and it takes forgiveness to embrace the fullness of it.
  • To receive the love you need, you must first experience love on a supernatural level to even know what love is.
  • Being happy is attached to a condition, but joy is internal and rooted in the ultimate source-God!
  • Energy is personal and it takes awareness to learn how to protect it.
  • Some people will never understand you and that’s OK…respect is always key.
  • No one will ever want your power more than you do once you realize it’s yours to own!
  • Just because love doesn’t live here anymore, doesn’t mean you don’t have love at all. The love is attached to your history and because history always repeats itself, you must make a decision.

Thank you for showing me what I want so that I can make concrete requests. Thank you for sending people in my life who believe in me, and show me just how much my ministry, divine light and spiritual gifts are needed to be a vessel of healing and inspiration, and to lead and guide others.  Thank you for showing me how much my dedication to the work and my life purpose are helping me to blossom into the woman God created me to be for His glory…I am truly humbled. Thank you for a great year of continual growth! Thank you simply for being.

As you come to an end, I seal you with love, and commit to actively living every lesson you have taught me for the rest of my days, looking forward to the 2018 chapter of my life!

Blessings, light, love, peace and joy to you always!

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