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chapter20 verse21

I knew coming into 2021 that it was a number 5 year. The number 5 carries the vibrations of transformational change, (inner) growth, grace and freedom. What I didn’t know was it would be one of the hardest years of my life. Before the new year comes in, I prepare for it so I’m ready. I usually fast, I pray,…

Every Little Girls Dream

“My relationship with my father has taught me so much about myself. The most profound lesson I carry with me is this: My father is a man first, who was once a little boy with his own unresolved issues as a result of his time with his parents and life experiences, and placing an expectation on him to be the father I think he should be to me is unfair and is a setup for me to be disappointed when he doesn’t live up to my expectations, because he can’t.”
Your heart is the equalizer that connects your spirit, mind, emotions and body, and the place where your soul emanates. In this episode, I am sharing how trauma affects your heart, and the benefits of healing it.  It’s your time to heal💚 Reserve May's featured session: Mentor Me! Include offer code #GRATITUDE in the memo section of your reservation request to receive $100 off your total investment. Click the Sign Up tab at the top of my page to reserve your sessions! Offer valid thru May 31, 2022 @11:59pm/EST. Healing, light & love to you abundantly! mysolaceplace.org/my-healing-2
  1. Healing my Heart
  2. My True Self
  3. A Little Talk about Faith
  4. What I lost in the Storm
  5. There's Levels to This?

I’m that Woman!

The world events contained in the past few weeks have had me in reflection mode. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the world to push pause on life. Life as we all have known it to be is so different now. Everyone has had to adjust to a new normal in one aspect or another. Some parts-shelter in place ordinances, bans…