2020… the End.

All Things Work Together…

I remember this time last year, how much I was anticipating the new start 2020 would bring to my life. I researched the meaning of the year to put myself in alignment with its vibration of “clear vision,” and I started fasting, praying and planning for the great things I wanted to see manifest for me (and my children) in the new year. When 2020 came in, I hit the ground running to put my plans in action! I was determined to get a space secured to host my girls mentorship program for the summer. Starting the first week in January, I was making contact with an establishment every day to inquire about reserving the space I needed. By February, I had made contact with all 10 community center directors, each sincerely apologizing that there was no room for me to host my program, and all equally offering suggestions for others that may be able to assist me in fulfilling my need. When those suggestions failed, I let that part of my plans rest. I wasn’t bothered by the “No’s,” I was simply aware that they meant something more than I understood at the moment, so I needed to wait, because I had done all I could do at that point.

As March came in and COVID-19 became a pandemic, I began to understand why my plans to secure a space for my girls mentorship program weren’t moving forward. As the weeks passed, and shelter in place ordinances were put in place, businesses and schools began to shut down and go virtual, I saw the bigger picture and God’s hand in it all. I understood 2020 was not the year for me to host my girls mentorship summer program, and because I took heed to the “No’s” I was receiving, I didn’t lose anything in putting down a deposit or paying for ad space or promotional literature. I was disappointed, but more than anything thankful.

Dream B I G!!

I recently read a post that said, “The hardest part about chasing your dream is trying to understand if God is giving you signs to stop or if he is testing your faith to keep going.” I felt the need to re-evaluate my 2020 plans because a huge part of what I desired to manifest for my ministry involved getting my girls mentorship program up and running again. I have truly missed mentoring my girls! I started looking at my plans, and I noticed how I was dreaming in my scope of vision, instead of the scope of faith. I was looking for a space to host my girls mentorship program because I did not have a space of my own, but I also began to ask myself why I didn’t I have one? So I did what God said, and I began to ask for, not only what I needed but what I wanted as well. I put 100% faith in God to bless me with it. God says in His word, that He’ll do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think, and so I stopped believing and only working toward what I thought my pockets could manage and I started dreaming B I G!! I took the self-imposed limits off of my faith, and I started asking God for want I needed (and wanted because God cares about our wants too!) and as a result I have been blessed beyond measure! My faith has increased to a whole new level. I have yet to receive some things that I am believing God for, but I know they will all come to fruition in divine right timing!

Trusting The Process.

If you’ve read any of my blog posts, you know building my ministry, My Solace Place, wasn’t my first choice as a “career.” I absolutely wanted to do it… I just wanted to do it later. I had this great plan to move my life forward and God said, “Now is the time…” so I made a conscious decision to release every fear I had concerning stepping out on faith, and I literally took a huge leap into doing the work to fulfill my divine purpose and destiny in the earth. I love my ministry of healing, and the platform God has given me to use my voice to help others heal, as I create and inspire. Around the end of last year I starting getting to the point where I began to wonder, “Is this it God?…” because I noticed I was only reaching a close knit circle of people I knew and a couple of their friends and associates, and that was it. I know my ministry is so much bigger than me and everything God does is in divine right timing and order, so I began to ask God to expand my territory so that the people who needed what I had to give, would receive it. I’m not big on “Likes,” and I really don’t care for social media, but I also understand it’s a platform that God has given me to reach those who He has predestined to cross paths with my ministry, and I with them. I set a goal to reach 500 followers by the end of 2020, because I realized I could use it as a measure of growth for my ministry. At the beginning of this year, I had less than 100 followers on Facebook and Instagram. I passed the 500 mark in November and I celebrated that milestone, because I don’t take anything for granted and the only reason I publish daily posts on social media is to minister to the hearts of those who are hurting and in need of a healing touch from the uncreated God. It is my sincere prayer that each and every one of my followers are inspired in a way that causes them to make transformational changes that will put their life on a path to 100% wholeness and fulfillment, built on a solid foundation of self-love, giving each person the ability to thrive in every area of their lives. Amen.

God is my Source.

One of the most challenging parts of my healing journey has been to trust God… for everything! When I made the conscious decision to answer the call to ministry, and build My Solace Place, I had no choice but to trust God, not only to lead and guide my every step, but also to provide EVERYTHING I needed and this year has proven to be no different! I was really beginning to enjoy the energy of the new year, and then the COVID-19 pandemic changed all of that. I realized life “as we knew it to be” would never be the same! As the months passed during this year, I began wondering what was next for me, because it seemed like no one was interested in using their time in quarantine to heal and reserve mentoring sessions. Life was so still that it almost felt as though I was going backwards in my progress with everything I worked so hard to heal and build. At one point during this year, I felt myself going into a slight depression and I quickly prayed that God would bring me out of it, because it’s a place I knew I could not allow myself to slip into. I like to be busy… productive/working busy though, so the unsolicited stillness bothered me, but after some time I took heed to its call, and I went within to listen and receive. In doing so, God showed me a different side of being my source this year. I received a deeper level of peace, calm and reassurance that although life is different now, God is still in control and it doesn’t matter what happens, I am never alone, God is always with me, watching over me and protecting me.

I did not want for 1 thing this whole year! God has been faithful in taking care of my children and me. At one point, my finances were extremely low and I was praying for a miracle. A few days after I prayed, one of my mentees blessed me with a “tip” that matched her investment amount, because she was so blessed by her sessions. I’m still rejoicing about that blessing! This year God has shown me it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world, He will always be faithful to fulfill His promises over my life (and yours) if we just trust Him with an unwavering faith!

Taking Care of the Whole Me.

As a healer, mother, life coach, mentor and friend, its just in me to “take care” of others… it’s just a natural part of who I am. Often times the whole day will pass without me putting any thought into how I’m doing until I feel it in my body. I sit a lot during the day because I am constantly writing, researching, creating new content and writing some more! My back was really starting to bother me, and at first I didn’t pay too much attention to it, because it has always ached after a long day, but the ache was turning into screaming pain! One night my back with hurting so bad I was in tears. It hurt so bad, all I could do was cry and pray. I thought to take a shower to let the warm water run on my back to soothe it, but I could hardly stand up in the shower, let alone bend down to properly wash my body. I managed to wash my body, rinse the soap off and dry myself. As I laid in the bed on my side, I felt some relief, but not as much as I desired. I couldn’t sleep either so I started scrolling on Instagram, which is something I rarely do when I’m in bed at night. A few post down, what do I see? A post that asked, “Do you have lower back pain?” Immediately, I clicked on the link to read the article. It shared the importance of stretching if you are one to sit more than a couple of hours each day. The article even showed recommended stretches to do each day to stretch your hip flexors, so I started doing the stretches daily and my back started feeling better.

I have always been mindful of eating a balanced diet, but when I got to a certain age, I became more concerned about my career, and I didn’t focus so much on staying fit and active. I have always had a small frame, and most of the time I’m trying to gain a few pounds, so I haven’t put as much focus on exercising, as I have with all the other aspects of my life… until this year. I incorporated a new morning routine, which I actually look forward to each day. I also started walking a few miles at least 3 days out of the week, and I must say I feel great!

Letting Go (Again).

I learned a valuable lesson in letting go (again) this year. I love a set routine. I thrive in organization. I’m also a planner and I like for whatever I’m working on to be right, and I have no problem doing the work to make sure it’s right! I’m a woman of my word and I always make it a point to operate in integrity at all times, and as a result of who I am, I subconsciously expect the same from others, although I am aware its just not what “they” chose to do, or who they are. I also love unconditionally, and I accept people as they are. So I find myself holding on to relationships that I should have let go of a long time ago, because they are simply not serving my highest good in life. It’s especially hard for me when it’s a relationship I feel I need, because it’s tied to other aspects of my life… children, business, etc. and we have history. In my mind, these people have gotten to know me and vice versa, and leaving them because their actions didn’t align with integrity was hard! I didn’t want to search for a new connection; because of all of the possibilities fear introduced me to in my mind. What if I didn’t like them or worst they didn’t like me? What if they did a terrible job and I had to do the work to correct their mistake, ultimately setting me back in time? I had a thousand “what if’s” to analyze and ultimately I would decide just to stay, because I feared not finding better. As I sat in quarantine, I asked myself the hard questions about why I stay in relationships that lacked integrity and ultimately did not serve me. I accepted the light of my truth and honored it.

I don’t like to lose people, and that truth allowed me to accept I wasn’t losing if integrity was absent. S(he) was loosing me! Being alone does not mean lonely. As long as I am holding on to a relationship that is not matching my vibe or higher, I am allowing it to block my abundance. So I’ve been very intentional about understanding who and what I needed to release from my life, as well as when because to everything there is a reason and a season and when the season has ended, I must let it go, because that means it has served it purpose and I have learned the lesson it was sent to teach me. As a peacemaker, I also want to leave in peace. These past few “let go’s” I didn’t follow my norm of setting a time to discuss my heart, because I was aware he/she were very intentional with their actions, and there was no need to explain my absence. Owning the total essence of me means I’m not longer sitting at tables and breaking bread with those who lack integrity. I’ll eat alone because at least I know there is room for those who are ready to have a seat at my table.

Every relationship you enter is a mirror to your soul. It was thru asking myself the hard questions, that I understood I was simply replicating a non-productive cycle of staying in dysfunction, all while dishonoring me. As long as I am being true to my heart, consistently operating in integrity and living my life in a way that honors light, love and truth, God honors that, and adds to my life, by giving me my heart’s desires and its always an upgrade!

When God says, “Vengeance is Mine…”

One of the mysteries I have never really understood about God was His unconditional love being associated with anger and vengeance, so I asked for understanding. Usually when I ask God for understanding of a life principle, I receive an experience that allows me to live it in real time! Part of what used to bother me is people being disrespectful to me for their own personal reasons… either they didn’t like me, they were unhappy with their own life or whatever thought they used to justify their actions in support of their disrespect. Revenge for me was, treat others as they treat me, and thru my understanding of God telling us not to seek revenge and to pray for our enemies, I stopped seeking revenge and I turned to unconditional love. What I began to understand is, when God says vengeance is mine, He is simply letting us know He will uphold the universal law of sowing and reaping, for everybody walking the face of the earth, regardless of their title or position in life. I stopped directing my energy into what “they” were doing, and I re-focused it on fulfilling my purpose. This year, I learned how to turn a deaf ear to hate and dysfunction and pray for their unhappy soul. I wished no harm on anyone and I saw how simply trusting the process and God as I did the work to continue to heal, grow and evolve, as I ministered to the hearts of those God has allowed me to cross paths with, I was blessed… sometimes right in front of their face. God sees and knows ALL THINGS, and it’s not my responsibility to teach anyone a lesson in respect. I’ve seen so many times, this year alone, that every thing one gives will be returned, the good and the bad. Selah…

Peace is a Mindset.

The absence of peace is the presence of unrest. It’s hard to focus when you are in a state of unrest spiritually, mentally, emotionally, on a soul level and even physically. In the past when I was in a situation or place that did not exude peace, I would simply leave. Growth taught me that was the easy way out, but it also showed me it wasn’t the firm answer to maintaining my peace. Peace is gift that cannot be bought, and it can only be disturbed when you grant the wrong vibes access to your spirit, heart, mind, emotions and body. Peace is a fruit of the spirit. It’s present within us, and all we have to do is nurture it. It also seems to be one of those things in life that’s easier said than done… at first. There are several intentions you can incorporate into your lifestyle to nurture your peace daily. All of them involve going within…YOU! Prayer, meditation, thinking positive thoughts and spending time alone are just a few. As with most lessons I learn in life, God allows me to have the experience, and it’s up to me to learn the lesson. This year has taught me how to maintain my peace in the midst of chaos. My ideal environment is full of peace, but the reality is, that is and will not always be the case, so learning to protect my peace is essential to maintaining it. In protecting my peace, I have learned that it doesn’t matter where I am or what’s going on, my peace is always present within, and it’s simply a matter of me tapping into it to exude it… even in the midst of chaos and drama. This year taught me how to go within my spirit and focus on God’s joy, which automatically gives me a peace and strength like no other. Getting to my peace doesn’t require that I go into a hide-a-way or escape into an oasis somewhere in Never-Never Land. It simply requires that I be present. Present in my thoughts. Present in my surroundings. Present in life. Present in my awareness of who God is to me and in my life. My peace is protected. I am at peace. I am peace.

People strategically aligned to Help me fulfill my Purpose.

Nothing is a coincidence and everything happens for a reason at the appointed time. A couple of years ago I started playing a game called Farmville2. There are groups in the game, called co-ops that players can join to help each other meet their farming goals. I joined a co-op and whenever I would request an item, there was always one player in particular who would  fill my requests. She was very welcoming to me and always asked me if I needed anything. We eventually became Facebook friends and one day she asked me about one of my post from My Solace Place. She liked my ministry page and began to inquire more about what I did. I explained to her I am a Life Coach & Mentor and my ministry is all about healing the whole YOU- spirit, mind, soul & body. She asked a few more questions and if I had a website. I answered all of her questions and gave her my web address. Shortly after viewing my website, she signed up for mentoring sessions and she has become one of my biggest supporters! I am so grateful to God for her! She shares my posts, has referred others to me for sessions, she checks on me regularly and she always gives me that gentle nudge of encouragement right when I need it. I tell her all the time how grateful I am for her and she always responds, “No, thank you!! You have blessed me and I want to see you win.”  That is her response often, but more importantly she always shows me. I’m grateful that God allowed our paths to cross because I needed her just as much as she needed me. Building anything gets lonely, and there have been many times I wondered where God was and He always shows me I am not alone. Thank you Tashawnda, for simply being you!

I’m STILL Healing.

There are various phases to our healing journey, and once you begin it, you remain on it for the duration of your life. The last phase of your healing journey is living your divine purpose and fulfilling your destiny in the earth, and it’s thru the experiences we live thru that prepare us for our purpose. This year has been so different in so many ways! There’s a scripture in the bible that says, “We can make our own plans, but the Lord determines our steps” (Proverbs 16:9). Just like any other year, I made my plans and I had hopes that this year would produce so much fruitful success, and it seems as though the total opposite happened instead!😩This year I had the lowest number of people to reserve sessions since I started 1-on-1 life coach/mentoring sessions. I planned nothing short of greatness for My Solace Place, and God had other plans. This year was for me… to continue to heal, grow and evolve and in the process my ministry grew. I gained a deeper level of gratitude, and I was aware of how my experiences- the good, the bad and the ugly, are all really good no matter how uncomfortable they may be, because they were all sent to help me grow as a woman, mother, Life Coach, mentor, daughter, friend and wife- whenever God joins me with my earthly King! I didn’t realize until I started writing this blog post at the beginning of this month that this year is the last year of this decade. It’s been 10 long years of healing and growth! I’m beyond grateful for every experience, relationship and life lesson that has empowered me to be aware of whom I am, and accept her unapologetically with grace and unconditional love. I close the book on this chapter of my life with a gratitude I have never exuded before, and one that I am able to accept and embrace humbly. Here’s to a lifetime of abundant blessings, divine light, unconditional love, pure peace and the freedom to be, do and create the fullness of all God has purposed for you! Here’s to prospering and thriving as you experience the good life!

Happy New Year to you loves🙏💜😘

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