I have never had 2020 Vision!

Is it just me, or does the energy in this new year feel totally different from that of previous years? I feel so much joy, peace, abundance and clarity in the atmosphere! It feels like a confirmation that is boldly declaring, “You’ve done the work, you’re ready and now it’s your time!”

I’ve never really been one to set New Year’s resolutions, simply because a resolution is nothing more than a decision to do something, where the plan and motivation to follow-thru are sold separately. However, I have been very intentional about creating meaningful plans to compliment my life’s desires. Notice I said “my…”

New year’s eve of 2018 I remember reading so many posts on my social media timeline, sharing, “this year owes me nothing…” There was so much gratitude present in each post that celebrated new careers; promotions, new cars, houses, relationships, happiness and even personal peace. I celebrated all of them with a heart full of joy! Seeing others be blessed and thriving truly makes my heart smile. I was genuinely happy for all of them. After logging off, I began to notice a resounding, but still quietness within me radiating from my heart, that made me wonder why didn’t my plans manifest as anticipated, and when would it be my time?

Did God forget about me?

We can make our own plans, but God determines our steps. (Proverbs 16:9) When 2019 came in, I was still hopeful and believing God that the intentional work I had been doing over the past few years to thrive in my purpose, and move my life forward would finally humbly reveal its long awaited rewards. I had done too much work to give up, so that wasn’t even an option for me. In my heart, I knew I was close, so I held on to that hope with all of my faith intact. I chose not to set any intentions for the year because I didn’t want to experience the disappointment I had endured in years prior, just in case nothing I desired manifested during the entire year. I simply asked God to show me what He wanted me to do during the year, and as a result, 2019 was rewarding for me in a different way, and on a whole new level.

Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. Psalms 37:7

By nature, I’m a planner and making the decision to surrender my will to God’s will for my life was different. It meant I had to be still, wait patiently and trust a process that I was unfamiliar with, but willing to do because I was desperate for a transformational change to hit my life with a positive flow of abundance! Being still was hard for me. I first had to understand being still didn’t mean do nothing; it meant go within (me) and listen. In doing so, I began to gain more clarity and answers concerning my heart’s desires and life as a whole.

As the first month of this fresh new year of 2020 comes to an end, I offer these tokens of love to you for the new year:

Let your past Rest. The experiences you lived thru in your past serve to prepare you for your now, your future, your purpose and to help you continually evolve into the wo(man) God created you to be thru the lessons they were sent to teach you. You cannot turn back the hands of time. Staying “there” or continuing to go back, tells the atmosphere of abundance you’re not ready. In order to move forward in your life you must be present. Being present doesn’t take away your ability to plan for the future; it simply gives you the peace to enjoy every moment of your life in real time. Focus on the present and be intentional about your now so that you can move forward freely. Let go of your past, you don’t live there.

Write your Vision…after you pray for guidance. Allow God to lead you so your desires, plans and intentional work are in direct alignment with His perfect plan and purpose for your life. God promises to give you the desires of your heart and they are given to you in perfect divine timing.

Be Teachable. Understand that every experience you live thru is preparation for your future and living your divine purpose. Nothing is a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. The situations, experiences and relationships you have (had) so far along your life’s journey have not been in vain. Taking the time to understand their purpose for presenting themselves in your life helps you grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and on a soul level. Furthermore, once you learn the lesson an experience was sent to teach you, you end the cycle, and never have that same experience again.

Live in the Moment. Don’t be so anxious for your future that you lose your peace. When you make your plans, God guides your steps. At times, actually a lot of times, God’s steps lead us on a path that we had no intention of taking because it doesn’t line up with how you envisioned your plans manifesting. The great thing about God is He is omnipotent and omnipresent, working for your highest good even when you don’t see His hand at work or understand what is taking place. Live in the moment so that anxiety, fear and worry don’t take the place of your peace.

Be Humble. Allow your good works, intentions and purpose to speak for you and create a lane that only you can occupy that will be a true blessing to others as well as yourself. When God creates opportunities for you, no one has the ability to shut them down!

Gratitude is a whole Mood! There is always something and someone to be grateful for, even in situations that first present themselves as catastrophic. Be grateful in all things and at all times, because gratitude is the gateway to abundance in every area of your life.

Do the Work! Writing your plan is the first step, but you also have to put your plan in action by taking the necessary steps to see it thru to fruition. When you feel you have done all you can do, just continue to trust God and know He is working on your behalf to see everything thru for your highest good.

Have Faith. You must believe whole-heartedly that every ounce of effort, energy and intention you are putting into your work will succeed and prosper for your highest good! Feed your mind positivity, and send away all negative vibes.

Spoiler Alert! There are wolves disguised as sheep. Everyone is not rooting for your success and it’s usually the people closest to you who are praying against you. Work in Silence. Pray always. Listen to your intuition, it never lies.

Let Patience Have her perfect Work. Everything is a process. The universe is not governed by time. Don’t be discouraged if your plans are not unfolding when you have envisioned they should. God knows all things and when the time is right, EVERYTHING will happen for you suddenly.

Be Still. Go within (you) daily. Quiet your mind and listen to your heart. It has all the answers because God lives there and He won’t let any good thing meant for you, slip thru your hands or bypass your life. Pray daily so that your every step is being guided to greatness as you do your work.

Love you! You are the most important person in the world! Make sure you show yourself why every single day. Make forgiveness a lifestyle and forgive you first…for everything! Approach each day with a pure heart and a clear mind thru unconditional love for you first, and then everyone else. By doing so, unconditional love will be projected to the atmosphere and come back to you in many forms of abundance. Be well and take care of you-spirit, mind, soul and body, because doing it for you does it for everybody else. You are worth it and you matter!

I have never had 2020 vision before and neither have you, as this is a new year granting us all a new beginning. It is my sincere prayer that you take these tokens and apply them to your life as you purposely work toward having one of your best years yet!

Many blessings and much light, love, peace & joy to you always!

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