A Love Letter from my Little Girl

To: You

From: Me

First, I want to start off by saying I am so proud of you!

I remember when you were at a major crossroads in your life and your judgment was clouded because you were so worried about what “they” would say about the decisions you were thinking about making. You were not yourself. You stopped caring about your life and you thought the only way to escape your pain was to end it all, BUT God had other plans for you, and I’m so glad you’re still here! There are so many people who need you for the purpose God created you to fulfill and we’re all rooting for your success!

I honor the woman you are evolving into daily, and the lady you embody with so much class, dignity and grace. You made a self-less and conscious decision to love you first so that you could love others unconditionally. You have taken the time to listen to your heart, heal and own the fullness of whom you are. You have inspired so many around you, and many more that you have no idea about, simply by living your truth and sharing the light of love. Keep being you unapologetically.

I have so much respect for your boldness to live your life authentically as the woman God created you to be, even before your conception. I know living your truth took a huge step of faith because it’s easier to live life according to the status quo…whatever that is. You have accepted the call on your life to be, do and create on purpose through the ministry of healing, love and light. I applaud your tenacity and encourage to keep striving for greatness daily.

I appreciate you for being a woman of noble character and charisma. You stand up for what is right, never compromising your beliefs, by living a life pleasing to God and honorable to truth. You are YOU always, and never change according to the situation or people present. You are honest and trustworthy, and at times I know you don’t see how it’s working to your advantage, so I want you to remember the race is not given to the swift or the strong…time and chance happen to us all. God always honors your faithfulness to be whole.

I have watched you live through many life-changing transitions that have literally killed some, but you have allowed your faith in God to help you persevere, and give you the strength to keep moving forward with your aspirations and goals. Even during the times you feel like giving up because you don’t see the fruit of the blood, sweat and tears you put into your work daily, I encourage you to keep striving for greatness remembering God is with you every step of the way and always has your best interest at heart.

I promise you, ALL things are working together for your good! God sees and knows all things, including your deepest heart’s desires. He is protecting you from people and situations that seek to bring you energies that do not support your highest good. Don’t ever give up, lose hope or stop believing. You have stepped into a new season of abundance and fulfillment. Everything you have been believing God to do, and working so hard to establish is coming to fruition. I’m so excited for you! It’s your turn now…just you wait and see.

I leave these words of encouragement with you:

  1. Keep God first and all of your heart’s desires, along with so much more you have yet to imagine, will be fulfilled in its perfect timing.
  2. Keep living your truth because you embody divine peace, light and love.
  3. Keep smiling because joy looks good on you!
  4. Keep praying because you’re a powerful warrior in the kingdom of God.
  5. Keep believing because your faith moves mountains.
  6. Keep forgiving others and yourself because a pure heart exudes peace, and attracts love and abundance to every area of your life.
  7. Keep loving unconditionally because that’s the only way to truly love.
  8. Keep living with the goal of thriving daily, so that you may live your best life.
  9. Keep giving from your heart because God loves a cheerful giver.
  10. Last but not least, remember YOU and take time out of your busy schedule to do something for you consistently.

I love you simply for being you and I look forward to being a vital part of the legacy you will leave for generations to uphold, honor and prosper from here to the moon!

Signed your biggest fan,


Love YOU first. Encourage yourself daily. Be Humble. Live your Truth. Blessings, Peace, Joy, Love and Light to you always!

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