Reflection (September 2012)

I launched My Solace Place in April 2012, and I give thanks to God for entrusting me with such a great ministry to celebrate YOU daily! Today, I can say I am so grateful for the experiences I have had because they have prepared me for the ministry God has placed on the inside of me to reach so many thru the gift of unconditional love. I am truly humbled by it all! I pray for you daily, and as I write about my life experiences, my hope is that you are able to relate in a way that inspires you to apply the God-given tools in my blog posts to your life. I pray that an awakening of the God on the inside of you, empowers you to take intentional steps forward towards fulfilling your destiny and living your life on PURPOSE each and every day!

I don’t know why God chose me to share my life with so many as an open book, but I am answering the call because I know it’s my God-given purpose and destiny to do so. Every experience I have had in my life time has prepared me for this very moment and most importantly, for YOU! I have my moments when I contemplate whether or not I want to include so many intimate details about my life in my blog posts, and I’m always reminded of my purpose…and I think about YOU. I think about how I felt when I was hurting, lonely, scared and searching for the answer(s) to my life. I think about you…and the hundreds of thousands of other women in the world going thru situations, not knowing what to do or who to turn to. I think about you…when I think about the awakening that took place in me that gave me the peace to live my life on purpose every day for ME! It was that peace that has allowed me to realize the importance of living in the moment called now, today. It allows me to feel joy not only when happy events take place, but every day God wakes me up!

My eyes were opened to the hundreds of thousands of women who need My Solace Place; a place of comfort and peace filled with love, to be healed, learn to love themselves, and be awakened to their purpose in life in order to fulfill their God-given destiny! A place to accept your past, forgive, grow from your experiences, and activate the JOY on the inside of YOU, today and forever more.


To date, I have shared with you my experiences, and given you life-applicable tools in my blog posts about getting your life (back), forgiveness, spiritual strength, truth, patience, and loving yourself. Now, I want to hear from you! Tell me how My Solace Place has touched your life. How have you used the tools I have given you in your life? Do you have any questions about how to deal with situations you’re currently experiencing?


So please, take a moment to reach out to me by commenting on this post, clicking on the Contact Me tab on the top left corner of this page and filling out the form, or emailing me directly at I value your feedback, appreciate your comments, and look forward to connecting with you!

Know that “God has a great plan for your life!” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Love & Peace to YOU! xoxo

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