The Gift

The gift

It’s been a few years since I’ve published a blog post and I am so elated to be writing again!! I made a decision to “push pause” on my writing to accomplish a few personal goals and now that I have done so successfully, I’M BAAACCCKKK!! I have truly missed My Solace Place and connecting with you through my writing. My Solace Place is more than just a blog; it is a vehicle I use to share my God-given Mess-ages of healing, love, peace, and joy…it’s my ministry and I am truly blessed by it, and my continued prayer is that YOU are too!!

My Solace Place was birthed out of one of the most painful periods of time in my life. I began to ask God what my life’s purpose and destiny was, because I didn’t know…and because I was at such a low point in my life, I was ready to go if I didn’t have a reason for being. Why was I still here?? I needed to know the answer to that question STAT because my life depended on it. God began to show me my purpose and destiny in dreams and visions, and I turned to writing as a tool in my healing.

I am confident my purpose in life is to help others; women in particular, heal from brokenness, low self-esteem, and heartache by sharing the love of God through my inspirational and instructional advice, so they too can awaken to their true purpose and fulfill their destiny during their lifetime! My Solace Place is an atmosphere filled with the love of God, peace, joy, and healing. As you read my posts, you will receive the tools you need to heal from brokenness, and nurture your spirit, mind, and body, as you grow (in God) spiritually, emotionally, and physically. My ministry is one of many expressing God’s unconditional love in the earth; through me, His vessel and chosen one, to fulfill all that I have been destined to be and do in the earth realm. It is one of my gifts from God to you! As my brother once told me, “Instead of Christ just giving the five-fold ministry, there should be six: Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists, and Pastors (Ephesians 4:11) …and Bloggers because I have a gift to write! 🙂

When I receive a gift, my initial thoughts and feelings toward the giver are of gratitude and appreciation because the love and thoughtfulness he or she put into preparing the gift is transferred to me once I take ownership of the gift. Every time I see, wear, or use the gift I am reminded of the giver and the love, thoughtfulness, time, money, and energy he or she put into giving me the gift; and that is exactly how I envision My Solace Place being and doing for everyone who comes in contact with my ministry.

On the contrast, every gift I have been offered has not been accepted at all, or easy to accept because I knew the intent of the giver came with a hidden agenda, or the giver was making an attempt to excuse his or her wrongful behavior. Although I realized that was his or her way of “apologizing” or acknowledging their sorry behavior, I knew accepting the gift would remind me of the circumstances behind it every time I made contact with the gift, so I chose not to accept it. Those that I did accept because I knew the giver did not know how to apologize effectively-aka change his or her behavior because it would be beneficial to him or her in the long run, were not with me for a long period of time. I had to learn even if the gift offering was my favorite brand of handbag or pair of shoes, it was a token that embodied the energy of an experience I did not want to constantly be reminded of every time I carried it or wore them on my feet…my peace, love, joy, and happiness is more valuable!!

Every day is a gift from God and every day I am learning that our greatest gifts and triumphs come from our greatest struggles and tragedies. Initially, the acceptance of my purpose and destiny, My Solace Place, was an emotional one; it was exciting, humbling, and slightly scary. I was happy I finally knew my purpose in life, honored and equally humbled that God chose me, and slightly apprehensive about presenting my private life as an open book…essentially to the world. I still struggle to accept some aspects of my ministry because it means revisiting some experiences and situations I went through that I did not tell anyone about because I was embarrassed they happened to me, and I was afraid of what people would think of me if they knew.

Through prayer and spiritual growth, I am thankful to God I have matured to a place within myself that allows me to love who I am unconditionally and embrace my experiences, because I know I did not endure them for me, but for YOU, where I am today, and where I continue to grow! I no longer allow the negative energy others exude to affect my life-spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically; instead I have learned to put my focus on increasing the positive energy in my life by affirming God’s word to live my life according to who He created me to be…His vessel-victoriously and courageously, to be an inspiration of love, peace, and joy successfully, and live a prosperous and blessed life!

Today I can thank God for all that I have endured and continue to endure to prepare me for YOU! My prayer is that you are able to apply the tools I give you in my blog posts to be successfully healed (from all brokenness and pain), filled with the love of God, His peace and joy, and inspired to walk in your God-given purpose and fulfill your destiny! I have accepted the gift of My Solace Place from God. It has brought about so much healing, peace, joy, and love in my life, and as the giver of my ministry, it is my sincere prayer that you receive the gift of healing, love, peace, and joy every time you come in contact with My Solace Place, Amen.

Love, Joy, Peace and Blessings to YOU!!


  One thought on “The Gift

  1. Niecy McKenzie
    July 7, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    Welcome back! I’m glad you’ve returned. Looking forward to my weekly inspirations and biblical encouragement. You, my friend, are purposed for my life! Blessings!


    • July 8, 2016 at 2:35 am

      Thank you so much Niecy! I appreciate you commenting. I am truly humbled to know my posts are a blessing and inspiration to you. Thank you for sharing, God Bless You!


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