Baggage Claim! (Part 2)

woman on flight…continuation to Baggage Claim!

In my mind I felt I was ready to move on because I left the situation, and I was completely disconnected from it…at least that’s what I thought! As I reflected on the past five years of my life, I realized I was no longer the same person, even though I had the same body, name, family, children, occupation, friends, and location, my mindset and way of thinking had totally changed! I realized if I wanted to move on I had to let go of my baggage! Those memories, tokens, and feelings were for a season, that season of my life ended, and even though I left those things and situations physically, I was still holding on to parts of them.

Mentally, I separated the good memories from the bad…the mind is so powerful! I did not want to let go of the happy moments because I remember how they made me feel, and I was using those memories to make me feel good when I was down. It didn’t occur to me at the time that I was holding on to the spirit of the relationship, and essentially EVERYTHING that came along with it by re-living those moments in time. I wanted a new start, and I was already moving forward in my thoughts with one foot, but the other was still stuck with person I used to be. I had to make a conscious decision to move forward completely…and that’s exactly what I did!

I began to examine every area of my life; mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, including my family, friends, goals, and desires. Then I began the cleansing process. I got rid of the tokens that were tying me to my past. I let go of some people, family and friends, that I knew were no longer for me because they did not agree with some of the decisions I made. I had to come to the realization that even though I had no ill feelings towards them, because they were no longer adding to my life, I needed to let those relationships die. By holding on to relationships that were not adding to my life, I was holding on to negativity, which was the total opposite of what I needed or wanted in my new start. Every step I took during my cleansing, physically, made me feel even better mentally and emotionally; and it was because the spirit of the negativity those things and people were bringing me was leaving my life, making room for all the positive desires, relationships, and things I saw coming to me.

Hebrews 43:18 says “Do not remember the past events, pay no attention to things of old.” I desire to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually on a daily basis so that I can continue to evolve into the woman God has destined for me to be. Every situation I experience, and every relationship, whether professional, romantic, or family, that I’m involved in, I use every element, the good and bad, for my growth. However, I’ve learned that I cannot dwell on my past because it just leads to unnecessary and unwanted baggage.

The past five years of my life has brought me many memories, tokens, and feelings. Some of them were great, some were good, and some were so bad I never want to experience them ever again! I learned to forgive, love, and move on without continuing to carry the baggage from it. Everything I have experienced has helped me grow to be the woman, lady, and mother I am today. Hebrews 43:19 says “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” I see where I am going and I’m ready for all that 2014 has for me!

10 Things I Learned in 2013:

  1. I have to let go of all baggage to move forward with the new I desire in my life.

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